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1982-1991 Gas tank mounting bracket
1982-1991 Gas tank mounting bracket
79.88  68.72
1982-1991 Gas tank mounting bracket
1982-1991 Gas tank mounting bracket
74.88  68.72

Site Map

Site Map

1955-59 Trucks
 Accelerator Pedals, Pads and Floor Parts
 Accelerator Pedals, Bezels, Etc.
 Brake and Clutch Floor Felt Seal
 Floor Shift Boot Retainers and Collars
 Floor Shift Boots
 Miscellaneous Floor Parts
 Pedal Pads and Bezels
 Pedal Shaft Bushings
 Starter Boots and Parts
 Clutch Head Drivers
 License Plates
 Reflector License Fasteners
 Tool Bags and Trays
 Valve Caps
 License Plate Frames with Years
 Alternator Items
 Alternator Brackets
 DA Plugs
 Battery Items
 Battery Cables
 Battery Hold-Down Frames
 Battery Hold-Down Items
 Battery Trays
 Bed Bolt Kits, Bed Strip, Bed to Frame
 Bed Strip Bolt Kits
 Bed Cross Sills
 Rear Bed Cross Sill Mounting Hardware
 Front or Middle Cross Sills
 Intermediate Cross Sills
 Rear Bed Cross Sills
 Bed Mounting Blocks and Pads
 Bed Mounting Blocks and Pads
 Bed Strips, Center, Punched
 Center Bed Strips
 Bed Strips, Corner, Punched
 Corner Bed Strips
 Bed Wood Floors
 Tailpipe Shields
 Oak Bed Wood
 Pine Bed Wood
 Beds, Complete
 Complete Bed Upgrades
 Complete Beds, Stepside
 Bedside Hole Caps, Stepside
 Bedsides, Stepside
 Bolt Kits, Body and Front End
 Body Bolt Kits, Bedless (used for Panel trucks)
 Body Bolt Kits, Cameo
 Body Bolt Kits, Fleetside, Wood Floor
 Body Bolt Kits, Stepside, Wood Floor
 Brake Adjuster Items
 Brake Adjuster Springs
 Brake Adjusting Screw Assemblies
 Brake Cables, Parts (Parking/Emergency)
 Brake Hardware
 Brake Struts (Spreader Bars)
 Brake Disc Conversion Kits
 Basic Conversion Kits, Front
 Wheel Spacers
 Deluxe Conversion Kits, Front
 Brake Disc Items
 Brake Proportioning Valves, Brackets and Kits
 Residual Check Valves
 Brake Drum Shoes
 Core Charges
 Brake Drums
 Pickup Brake Drums
 Brake Hold Down Kits and Return Springs
 Brake Hold Down Kits
 Brake Return Springs
 Brake Hoses
 Brake Hose Retainer Clips
 Brake Hoses
 Brake Line Items and Sets
 Clips, Brake Line
 Fittings, Brake Line
 Nut Adapters, Steel Brake Line
 T Blocks, Brake Line
 Tools, Brake Line
 Tubing, Brake Line
 Brake Line Sets, Factory Replacement
 Brake Master Cylinders
 Dual Master Cylinder Conversion Kits
 Master Cylinder Boots
 Master Cylinder Filler Caps and Gaskets
 Master Cylinder Repair Kits
 Master Cylinders
 Dual Master Cylinders
 Brake Power Boosters and Booster Kits
 Power Brake Boosters
 Power Brake Check Valves
 Power Brake Booster Kits
 Brake Wheel Cylinders and Repair Kits
 Wheel Cylinder Bleeder Screws
 Wheel Cylinder Repair Kits
 Wheel Cylinders
 Bumpers and Bumper Parts
 Bumper Bolts, Nuts & Washers
 Bumper Brackets and Items
 Bumper Bullets and Guards
 Bushings and Rubber Bumpers
 Axle Bumper Stops and Bushings
 Cab and Door Seals
 Door Weather Seal Adhesive
 Door Weather Seals, Front
 Kick Panel Air Vent Door Gaskets
 Lower Door Metal Rubber Retainers
 Cab Mount Items
 Cab Mount Kits, Rubber
 Miscellaneous Cab Mount Items
 Cables - Choke, Throttle, Etc.
 Air Vent, Heater and Defroster Cables
 Choke Cables
 Throttle Cables
 Carburetor Items
 Air Cleaners
 Carburetor Insulator Plates
 Carburetor Repair and Miscellaneous Items
 Carburetor Repair Kits
 Fuel Filters
 Throttle Linkages
 Air Filters
 Clutch Items
 Clutch Fork Pivot Balls
 Clutch Release Bearing Assemblies
 Clutch Springs
 Dash Parts
 Cigarette Lighters and Knobs
 Advertising Sales and Service Decals
 Air Cleaner Decals
 Chevrolet and GMC All Purpose Decals
 Chevrolet Door Lubrication Stickers
 Engine Valve Cover Decals
 Factory Heater Decals
 Grille Decals
 Jacking Instructions
 Miscellaneous Decals
 Oil Filter Decals
 Door Panel Items
 Door Panel Foam Spacers
 Fasteners and Clips
 Door Panels, Front
 Door Parts
 Door Bumpers
 Door Handles, Inside
 Door Hinge Inspection Plates
 Door Hinge Pins, Springs, and Other Items
 Door Hinges
 Door Latch and Remote Parts
 Door Striker Plates
 Window Crank Springs
 Window Handles, Inside
 Window Knobs and Studs
 Door Handles, Outside and Lock Items
 Driveshaft Items
 Carrier Bearings
 Backup Light-Safety Switches
 Blower Motor Plugs
 Dimmer Switches
 Distributor Caps
 Fuse Junction Blocks
 Headlight Socket Assemblies
 Headlight Switches
 Horn Relays
 Ignition Coils
 Ignition Condensers
 Ignition Points
 Ignition Rotors
 Ignition Switches
 Ignition Switches Lock Cylinders Without Switches
 Ignition Tune-up Kits
 Plugs, Generic
 Spark Plug Wire Items
 Spark Plug Wires
 Starter Fasteners
 Starter Motor Driveshaft Levers
 Starter Solenoids
 Starter Switches
 Stop Light Switches
 Terminal Blocks
 Vacuum Advance Mechanisms
 Voltage Regulator Plugs and Connectors
 Voltage Regulators
 Connectors and Terminals
 Emblems and Trim
 Cab and Dash Trim Strips
 Door Emblems, Outside
 Fender Emblems
 Hood Emblems, Front
 Hood Emblems, Side
 Identification and Data Plates
 Engine and Oil Items
 Engine Bolt Kits, Small Block V8
 Miscellaneous Clips
 Oil Dipsticks and Tubes
 Oil Drain Plugs
 Oil Filter Cartridges
 Oil Lines and Fittings
 Pulleys, Harmonic Balancer
 Timing Chain Covers
 Valve and Side Covers
 Valve Cover Items
 Exhaust and Intake Items
 Miscellaneous Exhaust Items
 Stud Kits for Exhaust Manifolds
 Exhaust Manifolds - NOT GM NOS, replacements
 Fenton Cast Iron Headers
 Intake Manifolds
 Fender Items
 Fender Braces
 Fender Welts
 Front Fender Extensions
 Front Fender Mounting Plates
 Front Fender Seals
 Rear Fender Bolts and Kits
 Front Fenders
 Front Inner Fenders
 Firewall Items
 Firewall Covers - Rubberized
 Firewall Covers Fasteners
 Front Bed Panels
 Bolt Kits
 Front Bed Panels
 Gas Tank and Fuel Items
 Fuel Line Clips
 Fuel Pumps
 Gas Caps
 Gas Tank Filler Items
 Gas Tank Filler Neck Kits
 Gas Tank Lower Flex Hoses
 Gas Tank Mounting Pads
 Gas Tank Sending Unit Items
 Gas Tank Sending Units
 Gas Tank Straps and Mounting Brackets
 Gas Tank Selector Switches
 Gas Tanks - Pickups
 Carburetor Gaskets
 Differential Gaskets
 Engine Gasket Sets, Full
 Head Gasket Sets
 Manifold Gaskets
 Oil Pan Gasket Sets
 Rear Axle Housing Cover Gaskets
 Side Cover (Push Rod) Gaskets
 Thermostat Gaskets
 Timing Cover Gaskets
 Transmission and U-Joint Gaskets
 Valve Cover Gasket Sets
 Water Pump Gaskets
 Glovebox Items
 Glovebox Doors
 Glovebox Inserts
 Glovebox Lock Items
 Glovebox Screws
 Glovebox Strikers
 Miscellaneous Items
 Grease Zerks
 Grease Zerk Installation Tools
 Grease Zerks
 Grille Items
 Grille Fasteners
 Grille Assemblies
 Grille Bars, Top or Upper
 Grille Mount Frames
 Firewall Grommet Sets
 Miscellaneous Grommets
 Headliner Items
 Headliner Rubber
 Headliner Tools
 Heating and Air Conditioning Items
 Blower Motors and Wheels
 Defroster Outlets
 Deluxe Heater Controls
 Ducts and Duct Tubing
 Heater Blower Switches
 Heater Control Levers
 Heater Control Valves
 Heater Cores
 Miscellaneous Heating and A/C Items
 Heater Hoses and Items
 Deluxe Heater Controls
 Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
 Hood Items
 Hood Bumper and Corner Sets
 Hood Hinge and Pop-Up Springs
 Hood Hinge Bolts
 Hood Lace
 Hood Lace Retainer Clips
 Hood Latches
 Hood Hinges
 Hood Latch Panels
 Hub Caps and Wheel Rings
 Baby Moon Hub Caps
 Hub Caps for the Chevrolet 1/2 ton Truck
 Hub Caps for the GMC 1/2 ton Truck
 Stainless Steel Wheel Rings and Clips
 Interior Screws and Sets
 Clutch Head Screws
 Kick Panels
 Kick Panel Fasteners
 Kick Panels
 Choke Knobs
 Headlight Knobs
 Miscellaneous Knobs, Handles, Dash Items, etc.
 Throttle Knobs
 Wiper Knobs
 Radio Tuning Knobs, Flippers and Push Buttons
 Lighting - Backup Light Items
 Backup Light Lenses
 Lighting - Dome Light Items
 Dome Light Assemblies
 Dome Light Bulbs
 Dome Light Lenses
 Lighting - Headlight Items
 Headlight Assemblies
 Headlight Beam Adjusting Springs
 Headlight Bezels
 Headlight Bulb Backing Rings
 Headlight Light Bulbs
 Headlight Mounting Kits
 Headlight Sealed Beam Adjusters
 Headlight Sealed Beam Retainer Rims
 Miscellaneous Headlight Items
 Lighting - Miscellaneous Items
 Miscellaneous Light Items
 Lighting - Parklight Items
 Light Bulbs
 Parklight / Signal Lamp Assemblies
 Parklight Bezels
 Parklight Housing Gaskets
 Parklight Lens Gaskets
 Parklight Lens Screw Sets
 Parklight Lenses
 Parklight Lenses
 Lighting - Rear License Lamp Items
 License Lamp Lens Gaskets
 License Plate Brackets and Lamps, Rear
 Lighting - Taillight Items
 Taillight Assemblies
 Taillight Bulbs
 Taillight Fasteners
 Taillight Gaskets
 Taillight Lenses
 Taillight Rims/Bezels
 Wiring Loom
 Taillight Bulb LED Replacements
 Lighting - Turn Signal Kits
 Turn Signal Kits using harnesses with built-in turn signal wires
 Turn Signal Kits using harnesses without built-in turn signal wires
 Accessory Brochures for Trucks
 Accessory Installation Manuals
 Accessory Listings - Custom Features
 Advertised Delivered Prices at Flint, Michigan
 Books With Nice Pretty Pictures
 Chevrolet Engineering Features
 Factory Assembly Manuals
 How To and Technical Books
 Manuals on CD
 Master Parts Manuals
 Napco Manuals
 Owners Manuals
 Paint Sheets
 Radio Manuals
 Sales Brochures
 Shop Manuals
 Wiring Diagram Manuals
 Mats, Carpets and Coverings-Pickup
 Floor Carpets
 Mats, Carpets and Coverings-Rubber Mats
 Rubber Mat Felt Underlay Pads
 Rubber Molded Floor Mats
 Advertising Sales and Service Metal Signs
 Metal Signs
 Refrigerator Magnets
 Scratch Pads
 United States Metal Flags
 Mirror Items
 Inside Mirror Brackets
 Inside Mirror Screw Sets
 Inside Mirrors
 Outside Mirror Arm Gaskets
 Outside Mirrors
 Outside Peep Mirrors
 Inside Mirrors
 Outside Mirror Arms
 Model Truck Kits
 1/25 scale model kits
 Motor Mounts
 Conversion Mounts for Engines and Transmissions
 Motor Mounts, Rubber
 Motor Mounts, Urethane
 Patch Panels - Bedsides
 Stake Pockets
 Bedside Inner Patch Panels
 Patch Panels - Cab
 Cab Corners
 Cab Floor Supports
 Floorboards and Toeboards
 Rock Deflectors
 Transmission Floor Cover Plates and Items
 A-Pillars with Kick Panels
 Firewalls, Pickup
 Rear Cab Panels
 Roof Panels
 Patch Panels - Cowl, Footwell
 Inner Cowl Kick Panels
 Inner Cowl Panels
 Outer Cowl Panels
 Patch Panels - Door
 Door Bottoms
 Door Pillars, Lower
 Outer Door Skins, Front
 Door Shells
 Patch Panels - Door Hinge
 Door Hinge Repair Panels
 Patch Panels - Fenders
 Front Fender Patch Panels
 Front Fender Half Panels
 Patch Panels - Headlight
 Headlight Panels
 Top Section or Eyebrow Panel
 Patch Panels - Rocker Panels, Door Steps
 Rocker Panels
 Rocker Panel and Door Steps
 Pitman Arms
 Pitman Arms
 Radiator and Engine Cooling Items
 Radiator Caps
 Radiator Draincocks
 Radiator Hose Clamps
 Radiator Support Pads
 Fan Shrouds
 Radiator Core Support Assemblies
 Radiator Fan Assemblies
 Radios - AM/FM, Antennas, Speakers, etc.
 AM/FM Radios, Dash Mounted
 Radio Face Plates
 Speaker Covers, Grilles and Gaskets
 Ring and Pinion Items
 Differential Covers
 Roll Pans
 Metal Roll Pans, Rear
 Running Board Items
 Running Board Brackets and Braces
 Running Board Step Plates
 Running Boards
 Seat Belts
 Mounting Hardware
 Non-Retractable Lap Seat Belts
 Retractable Lap Seat Belts for Bench Seats
 Retractable Lap Seat Belts for Bucket Seats
 Shock Absorber Items
 Shock Absorbers, Gas-Filled
 Sound Deadeners
 Heat Shield and Sound Deadeners
 Sound Deadeners under Floor Mat
 Spare Tire and Wheel Carriers
 Spare Tire Carrier Parts
 Speedometer and Gauge Items
 Bezel Gaskets
 Bezels for Speedometer and Gauge Clusters
 Dash Faceplates
 Gauge and Speedometer Refacing Decals
 Gauge Cluster and Speedometer Sets
 Gauge Cluster Miscellaneous Items
 Gauge Core Charges
 Gauges - Ammeter/Battery/Voltmeter
 Gauges - Fuel
 Gauges - Oil Pressure
 Gauges - Temperature
 Oil Gauge Pressure Lines
 Speedometer Cable Firewall Grommets
 Speedometer Cables
 Speedometer Needles
 Splash Aprons
 License Plate Brackets, Front
 Splash Aprons
 Steering Boxes, Adapters and Other Items
 Power Steering Conversion Kits
 Power Steering Hoses
 Power Steering Pump Brackets
 Pulleys, for V8 Engines
 Steering Items, Miscellaneous
 Steering Boxes
 Steering Column Items
 Clamp Rubber Bushings
 Column Shift Lever Bushings and Springs
 Column Shift, Indicator and Lever Items
 Gear Shift Control Assemblies
 Horn Contact Plates
 Knobs, Brodie (also called Suicide)
 Knobs, Gear Shift
 Steering Column Items
 Steering Column Seals
 Steering Mast Bearings
 Steering Wheel and Horn Button Cap Items
 Steering Wheels and Horn Button Caps
 Tilt Steering Column Conversion Shafts and U-joints
 Turn Signal Assemblies
 Turn Signal Bucket Wedges
 Turn Signal Cancelling Items
 Turn Signal Flashers
 Turn Signal Levers and Knobs
 Turn Signal Switches
 Universal Steering Column Mounting Items
 Sunvisors, Inside and Outside
 Inside Sunvisor Assemblies
 Inside Sunvisor Brackets Only
 Inside Sunvisor Pads Only
 Inside Sunvisor Screw Sets
 Mirrors, Inside Sunvisor
 Traffic Light Viewer
 Outside Sunvisor Assembly Kits
 Suspension and Steering Parts
 Spring Bolts and Bushings, Leaf
 Spring Bushings, Leaf
 Spring Shackles, Leaf
 Spring U-Bolts, Leaf
 Springs, Leaf, Mono
 Springs, Leaf, Stock
 Sway Bars
 After Market Bolt-ons
 Tailgate Items
 Tailgate Arms
 Tailgate Chain Covers
 Tailgate Chain Hardware
 Tailgate Chains
 Tailgate Decals
 Tailgate Hinges and Hinge Trunnions
 Tailgate Latches
 Tailgate Covers, Full
 Tie Rod Ends
 Drag Link Items
 Tie Rod Ends
 Tonneau Covers
 Vinyl Tonneau Covers
 Transmission Parts
 Transmission Drain Plugs
 T-Shirts and Caps
 Baseball Caps
 Miscellaneous Upholstery Items
 Bench Seat and Back Upholstery, Front
 Bench Seat Backs
 Seat Padding
 Used Brake Drums
 Brake Drum Spreaders and Studs
 Brake Drums, Used
 Used Brake Items
 Brake Backing Plates
 Brake Line Bolts
 Brake Winged Washers for Return Spring
 Clutch Pedals
 Park Brake Equalizer Bars
 Park Brake Handles
 Park Brake Levers and Cams
 Used Bumper Brackets
 Bumper Brackets/Braces
 Used Cab Items
 Cab Mount Brackets
 Used Carburetor Items
 Choke Cable Clamps
 Used Cowl and Vent Items
 Inner Cowl Vents
 Top Cowl Vents
 Used Dash Items
 Dash Panels
 Dash Top Strip
 Used Door Items
 Door Hinges
 Door Inspection Plates
 Used Electrical Items
 Directional Canceling Yokes
 Headlight Switch Items
 Heater Switch Items
 Ignition Switch Items
 Used Emblems
 Fender Emblems
 Grille and Surround Emblems
 Hood Emblems
 Used Engine Items
 Side Covers
 Thermostat Housings
 Valve Covers
 Harmonic Balancers
 Used Gas Tank Items
 Gas Filler Necks
 Used Gauge Items
 Gauge Bezels
 Gauge Clusters
 Used Generator Items
 Generator Brackets
 Used Glovebox Items
 Glovebox Doors
 Used Grille Items
 Filler Panels
 Grille Mount Frames and Brackets
 Miscellaneous Grille Items
 Radiator Guards
 Used Heating and Air Conditioning Items
 Fresh Air Vent Grilles
 Heater Blanking Plates
 Heater Blower Motor Housings
 Heater Control Assemblies
 Heater Control Cable Clamps
 Heater Control Plates
 Heater Core Housings
 Heater Assemblies
 Used Hood Items
 Hood Hinges
 Hood Latch Strikers
 Hood Latches
 Used Jack Handles
 Jack Handles
 Used Lighting - Headlights
 Headlight Bezels/Rings/Doors
 Used Lighting - Parklights
 Parklight Bezels
 Parklight Housings
 Parklight Lenses
 Used Oil Filter Items
 Oil Filter Canisters
 Used Radiator Items
 Fan Blades
 Radiator Core Spacer Supports
 Radiator Core Supports
 Used Radio Items
 Radio Blanking Plate Fasteners
 Radio Blanking Plates
 Used Running Board Items
 Running Board Brackets
 Used Shock Absorber Items
 Shock Absorber Mounting Brackets
 Used Splash Aprons
 Front Splash Aprons
 Used Starter Control Assemblies
 Starter Control Assemblies
 Used Steering Column Items
 Gear Shift Items
 Horn Buttons
 Outer Steering Column Items
 Shift Linkage Rods
 Turn Signal Items
 Used Suspension and Steering Parts
 Leaf Spring Axle Brackets
 Used Vacuum Items
 Vacuum Items
 Used Window Items
 Side Window Frames, Sashes, Regulator Tracks
 Side Window Surrounds
 Vent Window Items
 Vent Window Assemblies
 Used Windshield Items
 Windshield Trim, Exterior
 Used Wiper Items
 Wiper Motor Brackets
 Wiper Motor Switch and Cable Assemblies
 Wiper Switch Bezels
 Wiper Switch Knobs
 Water Pumps
 Water Pumps
 Wheel Bearings
 Ball Bearings
 Roller Bearing Conversion Kits
 Roller Bearings
 Wheel Grease Caps
 Grease Caps
 Wheel Seals
 Wheel Seals
 Wheel Spindle Nuts
 Spindle Nuts
 Wheel Studs and Lug Nuts
 Lug Nuts
 Window Glass
 Sliding Rear Windows
 Door Window Glass
 Door Window Glass Assemblies
 Door Window Glass Conversion Kits
 Rear Window Glass Kits
 Window Moulding Trim and Frames
 Door Window Trim
 Interior Window Frame Screw Sets
 Window Trim Fasteners
 Window Vent Shades
 Window Power Motors, Switches, Kits
 Power Window Switch Kits
 Window Regulators and Repair Kits
 Miscellaneous Window Regulator Items
 Window Regulators
 Window Rubber/Seals - Vent Windows
 Vent Window Wing Vent Rubber
 Window Rubber/Seals/Kits - General
 Beaded Window Seal Clips and Staples
 Beaded Window Seals and Kits
 Cab and Door Seal-Weatherstrip Kits
 Door Glass Lower Frame Screw Sets
 Glass Filler Installation Tools
 Glass Setting Tape
 Rear Glass Rubber
 Rubber Window Seals
 Side Window Rubber Bumper Stops
 Window Channels
 Window Rubber/Seals/Kits-Suburban/Panel
 Cab and Door Seal-Weatherstrip Kits
 Rear Barn Type Door Seals
 Rear Glass Seals
 Window Vent Items
 Vent Post Rivet Kits
 Vent Window Assemblies
 Vent Window Glass and Frames
 Vent Window Handles
 Windshield Items
 Windshield Gaskets
 Windshield Trim
 Wiper Items
 Miscellaneous Wiper Parts
 Windshield Wiper Spray Nozzles
 Wiper Arms
 Wiper Blades
 Wiper Cowl Chrome Bezels
 Wiper Motor Electric Conversion Kits
 Wiper Motor Parts
 Wiper Motors, Vacuum
 Wiper Switch Bezels
 Wiper Transmission Arm Parts
 Wiper Transmission Outer Gaskets
 Wiper Washer Parts
 Wiper Washer Pumps
 Wiring Harnesses
 Clips, Wiring Harness and Tubing
 Wiring Harnesses
 Wiring Harnesses, Modern Upgrade
 Used Clutch Items
 Bell Housings
 Used Distributors
 Used Manifolds
 Used Wheel Spindles and Hubs